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I decided to for the first time this season put down my thoughts on an episode.  I am not a writer by nature, in fact writing is probably one of my least favorite things to do.  But I really enjoyed this episode, and decided to give it a shot.

This will be my third time through the episode.  I figured first I would watch the episode and write my thoughts and feelings down as the episode unfurls before me.

Previously on Battlestar Galactica - no new major things we haven’t seen before.  But it does give us some idea of where this episode will go.  From the brand new viper that eventually leads them to earth, to Roslin’s return to the fleet, Bill’s devotion to her and Deanna and the final 5.  All things that we need to watch out for and colors and informs the viewing of the episode.

Pythia makes a return in this episode, not brought up by Roslin, but by Lee, an atheist by nature.  I love the interaction between Kara and Lee in this scene.  Something I have been looking for since the goodbye kiss in the brig.  I have truly missed the interaction of these two.  It doesn’t have to one chasing the other, or being attached romantically.  They need to be friends again, something we really haven’t seen since the 1 year later jump made at the end of Season 2.  Sure there was that short time in Season 3 with the quadrangle, but I want them to truly be able to be together in the end - and that won’t have a chance unless they become friends again first.  So it was good to see them interacting. 

Without Roslin or Bill around Lee and Kara take on the leadership roles vacated by the older generation.  Kara leads the military forces (yes Tigh is the acting leader, but we don’t really get a chance to see him do much), while Lee leads the fleet.  But in a way Lee is more a leader to the military in this crisis then either Tigh or Kara, even though he isn’t in the military any longer. 

I love the story tells from his childhood about his father.  The Adama theme (one of my favorites) makes it’s presence know as Kara and Lee share the story.  At this point I am pretty sure Lee is convinced his father is never returning, but in the back of his mind is not giving up hope that he will return.  He has started to peak out from his father’s shadow fully.

As we move to the base ship, the are jumping back to meet the fleet.  According to D’Anna only four of the final 5 are with the fleet.  Does this mean that the 5th is dead? Not with the fleet? D’anna just doesn’t realize that the 5th is with the fleet (maybe it is someone she hasn’t meet)?  So many questions opened up by this one scene. 

So  the cylons are going to keep everyone hostage, but Adama.  And Roslin sure can lie.  She promises the 4 will be turned over to the cylons, but turns around and tells Bill to blow the base star up if he has to.  One thing I don’t get is if the hybrid is responsible for jumping the ship - how does she know where to go?  I would assume Bill would have know where the fleet jumped to, but I thought she jumped on her own?  Or was that just while she was connected to and searching for the hub?

Gaeta sure got better quickly, and is back in the CIC.  Even if he doesn’t look all that good, it is nice to have him back.

And Adama returns, as the the four secret cylons start to wonder if D’Anna will be able to identify them.   In this episode more then before Aaron shows that he can say many things with just a look or gesture, starting in the scene with Anders on the catwalk - the look just screams “yeah right”.  I love that Kara and Lee were there to meet them.  Of course as Tory uses the medication exists Tigh starts to fall apart.  If he is not careful he could have given them all away right there on the flight deck.

Next we move to Adama’s quarters.  Where the decision is left in the hands of Lee.  Lee makes the hard decision that Roslin is right and that the base ship will need to be destroyed if Kara’s plan to take the hostages back by force fails.  Again a call back to earlier season’s where Kara is the strategist for an important mission, an important mission that directly impacts the fleet’s ability to find and reach earth.

So we move to plan to get the hostages out of the base ship.  Not much to really say about.  The ho-lon “comes home” - my feelings - good riddance, at least we know now she won’t be the presidential aide any more.  It was kinda ironic that the two people first to find out that she is a cylon are the president and Baltar.  Baltar kinda made me chuckle when he says he knew all along.  I never really liked Tori - I am glad she is staying with the Cylon.

Now we comes the start of on of Jamie’s finest hours.  With D’Anna launching a hostage out of an airlock Lee makes a difficult decision.  Send in the rescue party, and if that fails destroy the baseship with Laura, Helo, and the rest of the crew that is being held hostage with it.  My how far he has come.  From agonizing over the Olympic Carrier, a decision that still haunts him, to making a major decision about the welfare of people he cares for without as much as a hesitation.  Not to say that he didn’t think about it long and hard, and not that it wouldn’t have affected him had it come to pass, but he made the decision to save the fleet, regardless of the cost of life.

All Along the Watchtower makes a reappearance here calling the final fivers that are still on the ship to the pristine vipor and giving Tori a hell of a headache.  Something has changed states Tyrol, and oh my has it.  I absolutely love this arrangement of Watchtower.  Is it possible that the final cylon is not yet revealed is on earth? Could he/she be sending out the signal that activated the others?

Tigh heading to Bill’s office to come clean about being a cylon floored me.   The emotion in Tigh’s eye alone speaks volumes.  Bill doesn’t want to believe that his oldest friend could be a cylon.  I was waiting for Bill to haul of and hit Tigh, but that would come later, from a different Adama.  This was the lead up to one of the most heart wrenching and beautifully acted scenes.  

The roles were reversed and it was Lee taking care of Bill, telling him it was going to be OK.  Something I didn’t pick up on the first viewing is that part of his distress was that he couldn’t flush Saul out the airlock.  It is here when Lee steps completely out of his dad’s shadow and agrees to take care of it so his dad doesn’t have to face that possibility.  Lee is taking that steadfast leadership role we have come to expect from Adama.  Bill is broken at this point.  He feels betrayed and hurt, but it Lee who tells him everything is going to be OK.

I don’t believe Lee ever intended to actually do it. But Lee would do it if it had to be done to save the human race, with Tigh’s full knowledge and consent.  Which is why I think Saul is so calm in the airlock - he was protecting the human race at all cost, not very cylon like if you ask me.  As much as Lee still hates what the cylons did not only to the 12 colonies, but also New Caprica, I think he has accepted that maybe not all the cylons are bad.  He accepted Kara at face value when she came back from the dead with no explanation - because he loves and cares for her.  Bill cares deeply for Saul, so in his mind it is the same concept. 

At this point I was cheering at Lee’s take charge attitude with D’Anna.  As Tori was stating that Lee would back down and D’Anna was arming nukes all I could think was the don’t know who they are dealing with.  Apollo may have backed down, but Lee, the confident President who finally stepped out of daddy’s shadow was not going to back down.  Would he try and reach a compromise to save those on the base ship yes, was he going to back down and give in? No way.

I think Tyrol was glad to be not keeping the secret anymore.  He know right away they had been found out with the smirk of a smile that crossed his face.  I think Sam was a bit scared of Kara’s reaction, because in the back of his mind he was thinking of the from just a few episodes ago - that she would shot him if he was cylon. Kara looked hurt and bewildered and not sure what to think anymore.  But she listens to them, and steps into the viper to figure out what has changed.  When she does she takes off for the airlock, which seems to be all the way across the ship to stop Lee from sending Tigh out the airlock.

I love that it is Kara that makes Lee see that the signal.  He trusts her regardless of the fact that we don’t know how she came back.  Trusts her enough to make peace with the cylons to get to earth.  Lee shaking hands with D’Anna is a big step for Lee.  He has shown is outward hatred for the cylons on many occasions.  Lee, the leader emerges again, probably the strongest leader in the fleet. 

We head back to the broken Adama’s room to convince him that we need to follow the signal, with the cylons.  Throwing the ball back in Adama’s court.  Upon Laura’s arrival the broken Bill seems to get some of his footing back.  It took Lee and Laura to get him back the Admiral we know and love.  And Roslin doesn’t let Lee off the hook, gave him the thanks he deserves for shepparding the fleet through a crisis, knowing that she is dieing and that she will need to depend on him to help lead the fleet upon her passing - does this mean he is VP now instead of Zarek?  She thanks him instead of fighting him as she had over the middle part of the season - maybe she did learn something from head Elosha.

So Bill lets Laura make the final command to jump the fleet as they head toward earth, or at least what we assume is earth.  As their location is confirmed and the fleet is accounted for, joy breaks out among the crew.  I love that they show not only the reaction in CIC, but the rest of the fleet including the ships not normally seen like the tillium ship, as well as on the base star.  While there was not much verbiage, other then an classic Adama speech. You know what the crew was feeling, we have been on this journey with them, they found earth, the constellations match, they have found earth. The only thing missing for me was a Kara and Lee scene - they were as much apart of finding earth as Laura and Bill.  They keep the fleet going while Roslin was held captive on the base ship and Bill floated alone in space waiting for her return. 

I think the Bill/Lee hug shows just how far that relationship has come from the whiney, cocky viper jock that stepped on to the hanger deck to the man that stepped from daddy’s shadow.  Those many years ago, I don’t think Lee would have accepted a hug from his father any more then Bill would have been the one initiating the hug.  Bill is proud of Lee, just as much as Lee is proud of Bill.

And now the rug gets pulled out from under our crew.  From the joy of finding earth to the marked silence that follows.  It was wonderfully done, and the silence in that scene was perfect. We see each of the crew with shock and despair on their faces as the waste land is laid out before our eyes.  Leaving the viewers with many questions - did they land on earth? When did they land on earth? Is it our earth?  But the biggest in my mind is where do we go from here?  But I guess we will have to wait awhile, per the preview it is coming soon, but the reports I am hearing are Jan 2009.  I have a feeling we are suddenly hurtling toward the end, this is the beginning of that end.  So now all we have to do for the next 6-9 months is speculate.

Gods I love this show.
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